Just at the time that home birth services in many areas are closing, and women who feel their birth does not belong in a hospital, particularly now, are calling and emailing local independent midwives, it is incredibly frustrating for many of us Yorkshire IMs to suddenly not be able to attend births due to our Airedale partnership ending. I am still very much available to discuss your birth options and help you prepare a robust birth plan, and for antenatal and postnatal care in your home, or support via online platforms.

To quote from the Choices in Childbirth Newsletter April 2020:

“There’s no doubt that preparing for birth at the moment offers some real challenges. Some  women are having their birth plans changed at the last minute as support for home births may be withdrawn, midwife led units are being reallocated as Covid-19 wards and in a few trusts, non-medical emergency caesareans are being stopped.

Having said that, these changes are absolutely not happening across the board. Many trusts are working extremely hard to ensure that they are continuing to support women’s decisions, even in the hardest-hit areas. For instance, at the time of writing, Chelsea & Westminster are still supporting home births despite London being one of the areas that’s been hardest hit by Covid-19.

There is lots of helpful information out there for women. The AIMS helpline, of course, offers support to those whose birth plans have been changed, and AIMS have also put out a useful information sheet. Birthrights have also published an excellent guide to your maternity rights during the pandemic.”

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