Care available now (initial phone/online consultation free)

Until end of September, Midwifery care, happening at your home in Yorkshire/Lancashire, may include…

– antenatal and/or postnatal  clinical care and support

– shorter care packages, eg for breastfeeding support

– one off sessions, for example for birth debriefing or birth planning

– one off Midwifery “virtual visits” (lasting approx an hour) that don’t involve any clinical care can also take place online, via zoom or skype, for £60.

As The Online Midwife (which will be my fulltime way of working from October) I can offer a full package of antenatal and/or postnatal support to you, no matter where you live, via zoom/skype/phone chats. A support package involves “virtual visits” over a cuppa, where we can discuss your wishes, look at the relevant evidence, guidelines, and resources, and make an adaptable plan of care that’s right for you and your family. If needed, I can be part of liaising with NHS staff to help achieve that plan. A full package means I am contactable 24 hours for you and your family, to help with any worries or concerns.

Although from October I will be working primarily online, some face-to-face visits might be possible too depending on where we both are. And the first virtual consultation is always free, so just get in touch to chat about what you might need.

Although I have been attending homebirths for many years, that is not currently possible; more info here. If you would like to help independent midwives regain affordable birth indemnity cover, we would so appreciate it! In the meantime, if you are planning a hospital birth, I am on the staff bank at two NHS hospitals and it may be possible to arrange to be at your planned birth there, please ask.  Just click on the “contact me” tab above to discuss any of the above options, I am quite flexible!