About me


I came to midwifery the long way round…via a music degree, many years of ecological activism and human rights campaigning including lots of volunteering in the Middle East, and community development work in the UK. I’m inspired by community and individual self-empowerment, autonomy and self-determination in all sorts of contexts. At first I thought midwifery was a step in a new direction, but it turned out not to be at all!

I am passionate about supporting the autonomy of women as they make choices right for them, and protecting the delicate yet extraordinarily resilient ecology of birth. I enjoy exploring the increasing scientific evidence-base for what women have always known – that our bodies are expertly designed to give birth. There is so much still to learn!

After being unable to take up a 2015 Iolanthe Midwives Award, received to plan a return to Gaza where I have previously volunteered, I was delighted to receive not only a 2019 Award to cover the costs of my journey to Frankfurt for a placement with Frank Louwen’s Breech Clinic, but also the inaugural Iolanthe Mary Cronk Award, created after her death last year to be given to a midwife whose work “aligns with the passions and values of inspirational midwife Mary Cronk.” Following in Mary’s footsteps is a real honour.  I have also published a book and contributed chapters to two others, including Here We Stand: Women Changing the World, winner of the Bread and Roses Award 2015.

I have previously worked full time with the Yorkshire Storks team (you will spot that some of my testimonials refer to my work with Yorks Storks) and I am now taking on clients of my own more locally. I am based in Braithwaite Village near Keighley, West Yorkshire, but happy to cross into North Yorkshire’s Craven district, and open also to considering East Lancashire and the Lakes. I can also accompany clients into Airedale hospital for planned or unplanned birth there. Finally, if you live further afield, but book me far enough ahead, I may be able to relocate temporarily to near you…

I look forward to meeting you!

Sharyn Lock